Quit Smoking? This is the Best Moment for Women

It is more difficult for women to stop smoking, a bunch of scientists discovered. This is how you choose when you take your last lifting.

Of course it is difficult for everyone to stop smoking. But research shows that it is even more challenging for women because of their cycle. The changes in their hormone balance make it more difficult to continue if they try to stop smoking. Scientists discovered that women have the greatest chance of success if they stop just before their illness. A worse time is immediately after menstruation in the so-called follicular phase, this is the stage for ovulation in which the egg cell matures.

Men vs. Women

The research was done by the University of Montreal. 34 men and women were followed who smoke more than fifteen cigarettes a day. They had to complete questionnaires, but MRI scans were also used during tests where they had to look at images that would boost the need for smoking. The women who participated were tested at two different times during their menstruation and their progesterone and estrogen values ​​were monitored.

Addiction Sensitive

“Hormonal decline in estrogen and progesterone may potentiate withdrawal symptoms and increase the activity of neural circuits that are associated with desire,” says Professor Mendrek. According to the professor, there is a very clear difference between men and women when it comes to quitting smoking. For example, tests were also done with rats earlier. “Female rats become more rapidly addicted and are prepared to work harder for the same amount of the dose.” There is a side note: stress, anxiety and depression are probably the most important factors to take into account. But if you want to stop smoking, it is of course no problem to take these research results with you. If you link this tutorial and want to read more stuffs about anything have a look IMIHOW.

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