How to Use IFTTT

Today my this tutorial will guide you about how you can share your blog post on your social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more automatically. A content syndication is possible by IFTTT, it stands for “IF This Then That” is basically a free web based service which helps you in sharing your content more efficiently on your different social platforms. You have to create an applet which is triggered when a specific condition is fulfilled.

For Example: An applet can share your wordpress blog post on different social media platforms or can send a mail to someone whenever you create a new post.

Working Process

Once you create your account on IFTTT it will look like this.

To create a new applet select the “New Applet” option from profile section. Which will look like this

Step 1: At first you have to add the blog or website using the “+” which you want to share.

Step 2: In this step you have to decide where you want to share your selected blog’s post.

Example: If you want to share your blogspot post then simply click on the “+” sign and then link your blogspot account to IFTTT by just logging in your blogspot account. After that you need to link your social account like facebook, twitter, Instagram to your applet. Such as: whenever you post an Article or blog on blogspot, IFTTT will automatically share that blog on your selected social media platform.

In addition to the web-based application, the service runs on iOS and Android.

Aside from seo you can use IFTTT app in several other ways such as whenever you like an image on Instagram IFTTT will automatically save that image in your google drive.

For More Illustration you can Follow and Watch this Video:

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