Traditional Christmas Celebration

Christmas is that time of the year when you come together and pray and celebrate with family and friends. It is time to decorate your home with Christmas tree and mistletoe. It is time to prepare the Lord’s crib and it is that time of the year to relish on the yummy Christmas goodies.

When we talk about traditional way of celebrating Christmas, then we cannot ignore traditional rum cakes and other yummy recipes, visiting family and friends and gifting them with some unique gifts. Christmas Gifting Idea for children will of course be Santa Claus putting their favourite gifts in the stocking. Let Santa Claus gift your child with some homemade chocolates and sweets that you have specially made for your kids. Gifting homemade cakes and chocolates to near and dear ones is also a good idea.

Christmas Celebration 2017 is incomplete without the all time favourite rum cake. If you have been wondering how to make a rum cake at home then here is a simple and traditional Rum cake recipe.


The ingredients that you will need for the cake are a cup of white sugar and dark brown sugar, half cup of soft butter,4 eggs, one and half cup of milk,1 teaspoon of vanilla essence,3 cups of refined flour, a pack of instant vanilla pudding, salt to taste and half cup rum. For the rum glaze take ¾ cup butter, 1/4 cup water,1 cup white sugar,1/2 cup of dark brown sugar and ½ cup of rum.

Now in one bowl, mix the sugars, butter, eggs, milk and vanilla essence. Beat the mixture. In another bowl, mix the pudding mixture, flour, baking powder and salt and mix well. Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture and mix slowly. To this add the rum and mix slowly. Grease the cake mould and sprinkle a little flour and pour the cake batter into it. Preheat oven at 350degrees and bake the cake for around 45 minutes. For the rum glaze melt butter in a pan and to it add water and sugar and let it boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and slowly add the rum. Pour a little of this rum glaze on the cake and let it set for few minutes. Invert the cake on a plate. Poke holes with a fork on the top part of the cake and pour the remaining glaze.

This cake recipe for Christmas will surely make your Christmas memorable. No need of buying cake from the cake shop when you can make your own traditional rum cake at home so very easily. It tastes yummy and it is in to gloatingly delicious. For those who do not want to add rum, can try a non alcoholic version which involves the use of apple juice or orange juice or a mixture of the two juices.

So folks gear up for Christmas, as Santa Clause is just round the corner waiting anxiously to deliver your delicious cakes and goodies to your family and friends. It is time for cake, cookies, wine and turkey.

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