The Boulevard of Guru Nanak Jayanti- Celebrations and Food Spreads

India diverse culturally, so is her festivals and each festival holds its own importance in the cultural history of India, where it is celebrated with much pomp and vigour. Out of the hundreds, one such festival is Guru Nanak’s birthday also known as Guru Nanak Jayanti.  This festival is one of the most sacred festivals of Sikhs as it celebrates the birth of the First Sikh guru Guru Nanak.

This sacred occasion is also alternatively known as Gurpurab. The ten Sikh Gurus and their births are famously celebrated by the Sikhs as they are known to have shaped the beliefs and traditions of Sikhism. In present times, Gurpurab is celebrated by one and all with equal vigour and devotion. The celebrations for all the Gurpurabs are almost similar including the ceremonies, only the hymns differ.

Starting with Prabhat Pheris or early morning processions from the Gurudwara to in and around the localities, it is preceded by a forty eight hour reading of the Guru Granth Sahib and another procession known as the Nagarkirtan, led by Panj Payaras, the Five Beloved ones who carry the Nishan Sahib, the Sikh Flag and the palanquin of Guru Granth Sahib. They spread the message of Guru Nanak during this festival. Followed by all these ceremonies and rituals is Langar, a community based lunch where food is offered to all, irrespective of one’s caste, creed or class.

The celebrations are concluded around 2 A.M in the night after Gurbani is sang starting at 1:20 A.M, which is often referred to as the actual time of birth of the great Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. The festival is celebrated to spread Sikhism and the message of Guru Nanak. During this time, as is often the custom in Indian kitchens are, special dishes are prepared and served to add more flavour to the celebrations and the festival. Food has always the unique quality in itself to attract the attention of masses. Guru Nanak Jayanti Recipes are specially prepared for this occasion and the spread includes a variety of sweets to flavours favouring the spicy treats of Indian cuisine.

And some Guru Nanak Jayanti special recipes like Atte ka Sheera, Malai Laddoo, Chole Peyaz Pulao, Kaju Katli/ Kaju Barfi add an extra essence of delicacy to the celebrations of the holy day. Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations are held worldwide and while looking up at the popularity of this sacred festival one can see that people from all over the world joined the celebrations of Guru Nanak Jayanti 2017. Well, a novice in the celebrations might ask how to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti and make the festival of  lights memorable with easy to cook recipes.

This auspicious day is celebrated mostly by singing hymns, offering food to all, preparing delicacies to serve to one and all and by spreading the message of living in harmony by sharing the good things that life offers to some of us with others who are less fortunate in such matters. This day teaches us to live and let live. Food preparation is an important part of this day and other than recipes that have traditionally been handed down orally from generation to generation, more such savoury recipes are available online on websites like Explore The Masala Route with just few clicks and celebrate this holy day with special serves.

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