Go for Convenience in Water Hose Storage and Maintenance! Buy Water Hose Reels!

Here, you can find all sorts and brands of water hose reels whether it is brands like Reelcraft water hose reel, SunCast water hose reel, Ames water hose reel or Rapid Reel hose reel, or types like decorative water hose reel, hose reel & Cart, wall mounted, metal or no crank hose reels. You’ll also find hose accessories like hose holders and hose storage here.

It’s rather difficult to maintain a garden. There’s the landscaping, the cutting and pruning, the watering. The difficult of maintaining the water hose. To wind it up and store it when not in use, to unwind it. And worst, the tangles the hose coils get into.

But now, there’s a better way to manage, maintain and store a water hose. A water hose reel! Water hose reels can be used to keep your hose wound up and out of the way without the fear of the hose getting tangled up and dirty.

The crank in the water hose reel can be used to wind or unwind the hose. If the water hose reel is decorative, then they serve the dual purpose of adding a classy touch to the garden as well as serve the purpose of other hose reels. On the whole, a water hose reel is a rather useful and convenient addition to your garden.

If you are getting a garden hose, don’t forget the water hose reel. If you have any reviews or feed back, do leave your reviews. Or, if you want to check out the customer satisfaction with the reviews check them out.

Hose Reel and Cart

If you are looking for an easy to handle, inexpensive and portable water hose reel, go for SunCast Easy-Reach Hose Reel and Cart. This best garden hose reel and cart is plastic molded and light weight.

It has tires for moving the hose reel cart around and a high handle so that you don’t have to bend. Best of all, SunCast has a very good customer service. If you need any help with the setting up, accessories or working, SunCast will help you. Check out the reviews if you want to know what the customers say.

Another option is Ames Reel Easy Hose Cart, which again is plastic molded, has a 175 inches capacity and comes preassembled.

If you are willing to pay more, then there are other options like Reelcraft Hose Reel & Cart or Rittenhouse Hose Reel with Cart with better capacity, durability and stability.

Water Hose Storage

If it is just storage you want, without the purposes of a hose reel, then go for water hose storage options like hose pots or hose holders.

Hose holders are available in decorative designs providing you with an elegant way to store your hose. These garden hose holders are made of metal like aluminum or wrought iron, which lasts well and are sturdy.

You can either go for wall mounted hose holders or others like freestanding. The wall mounted ones are rather convenient once placed. There are plastic options available as well, though in my opinion, metal hose reels wears well and looks better.

Or, you could go for garden hose pots. The hose pots are a great way to hold the hose after usage. They look similar to flower pots and can be decorative, either plastic or metal.

One downside if you go only for storage is that you have to wind and unwind the hose yourself. You will have to be careful about tangles.

No Crank Hose Reel

If you do not want the trouble of a crank, or a motorized or spring winding mechanism for your hose, go for No Crank hose reels. No Crank Hose Reels use water pressure to provide the power for winding the hose reels. No Crank Hose Reels are hands free.

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